I have two decades of experience in corporate IT. Over that time, I’ve led and managed globally dispersed departments and cross-functional teams, and I’ve designed, implemented, and supported global, multi-platform solutions for critical services. I truly enjoy the challenge of integrating more conventional Microsoft server applications with opensource and cloud offerings as well as automating tasks around those. I’m passionate about technology. My expertise lies in Microsoft’s on-prem and cloud backend solutions, but I have personal and professional experience in just about everything from programming analog Nortel PBX’s, routers and switches, and business intelligence reporting to virtualization, storage, and pen-testing with a Kali Linux toolset.

I’ve been a social person all my life and am as at home interfacing with other organizations or vendors as I am in front of a console trying to resolve a major issue. I think strong relationships make any task easier and the work more enjoyable.

Outside of the office, I have varied interests. I enjoy traveling and playing the piano, but I’m more commonly found challenging myself physically. I run ultra-marathons, Ironman triathlons, climb rock and ice, and set out on technical climbs of high altitude mountains. I used to fight competitively in a range of combat sports including boxing and submission fighting. I find all these activities carry over well professionally. They all require setting goals with a strict but dynamic plan around achieving them with measurable milestones along the way. The climbing and fighting especially require calmness in high-stress environments, which is like responding to a critical outage. I can manage that stress and think clearly.


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